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Ah, good times

A friend of mine that I work with sent me a list of quotes of mine that he kept from our last assignment because they amused him so much. I have to admit that they are pretty good. And yes, I actually remember saying nearly all of them.

1. It’s not the jalopy of GIS software!

2. That was supposed to be a disguise?!

3. Not everything is a maraca.

4. I rule the web.

5. …otherwise the result will be a pool of water.

6. Four ants, that’s the limit! I see four in one day and I’m moving!

7. Well today I rephased the uplink array.

8. …it’s not like the car is going anywhere.

9. Yeah, ‘cause every time I think of Blaine Frank I think “slam-dancing”.

10. I can never quite tell whether you are genuinely interested in my car’s acceleration or subtly insulting it.



I know that I have kind of abandoned this place, but this is where I come to talk about personal stuff I really don't want appearing on Facebook.

Earlier this year, I was very bored and looking around the internet for a new community to both entertain me and provide needed interaction with people. Miraculously, I came across a trans website with a very active community and an IRC-like java chat that was active all the time. I say miraculous, because I have never seen a real trans chat room so active. They die rather quickly. Don't ask me why. I had many hours of free time to burn while I sat in unemployment limbo, so the site was a nice distraction.

It's a funny thing to say, but it reminded me that I haven't made any progress with my own journey. There were many reasons that it was put on hold, but most of those do not exist anymore. I have decent income, live away from family, have a good support network of friends, and just happen to be in a state with a very active trans community.

So I made a plan. Two years. In two years, I want to drop to half my weight, and have enough muscle definition that I can start looking at top surgery. I want to have my car entirely paid off by the end of this year (and it is looking like that may happen). I want to go on T within 12 months. A new job would be nice, so I can actually grow roots somewhere. And I'll be forced to deal with my family within a year or two. Thankfully, the distance makes that much less stressful than if I were living near them. I can hang up the phone if they nasty.

Yesterday, I was lazily browsing the web and looking for trans resources in the state. Ever since I made THE PLAN, I have been itching to make some progress. In order to get hormones, I need to see a gender therapist for several months. It's part of the HB SOC. So I started looking for therapists that might have options for doing sessions online. If I wait until I am home for a long time to see someone in person, then I may never get through therapy to get the letter for hormones. I emailed someone in Kansas City to see what options might be available, and what kind of fortune it would cost me.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon the website for Denver's Gender Identity Center (GIC). They were having an open meeting that night. It was only an hour drive away, so I figured what the hell. Why not?

My friends, it was one of the best random decisions I have made in some time. Mondays are slow for them, so the group basically consisted of myself, a very pale woman who had a lot of health issues that had been keeping her for connecting with the community, and the head of the board of directors for the center. I was completely surprised to find out that they are offering gender counseling services. And wow are they cheap. They have one therapist and two interns serving the center, both in face to face sessions and via Skype.

So, completely by chance, I have stumbled upon opportunity that I was not expecting to happen nearly so soon. I called today and made an appointment to see the therapist on Thursday (yes, in two days!). After the initial session, I have been assured that I can continue by using Skype where ever I may be. It should only take about three months to get the hormone letter. I need to really focus on getting back into the BFL program so that I can drop 30-50 pounds by then.

It's sudden, but I can't even tell you how happy I am right now that something is actually happening.


Writing and stuff

No, I'm not dead. I tend to just post to Facebook and Twitter these days, because, quite frankly, I have only short witty comments to share. Nothing is going on. I have been home since September. At first, I was just resting because I was so burnt out from working. Then I got lazy. For the past month or so, I have been practically drowning in the Skins fandom for Gen 2. How I missed the Naomily phenomenon is beyond me. At first, I found only fic written with such poor grammar that it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Then, out of nowhere, I stumbled on a stash of fantastic fanfics (many stunningly good AUs!). The good streak has yet to end.

It kills me, really. I've spent hours reading this mushy romance that is normally something I cringe at...unless I adore the characters. I adore the Gen 2 cast of Skins so much that I've been awash in an orgy of these stories. Meanwhile, my brain screams at the sappiness and tells me off for reading it. But I keep reading it. I feel like an addict at this point. I want to stop, but it's so damn good. How could I ever refuse another chapter of "Ink", or "99 Problems"? It just isn't going to happen.

Reading so many fine creative projects has reminded me that I used to be a writer, dammit. I have been slowly taking time to write down more outline details for my epic, but it's still rather overwhelming. There's also the problem that I haven't written regularly in so long that I'm sure I'm shite. It always takes me a few months to get my game in order, so to speak. It's time to dive back in.

Since my own epic is so ridiculously epic that it puts me off writing it at times, it seems like a foray back into writing fanfic isn't a horrible first step. I'd consider it a series of writing exercises. The world and characters are already there. I'd just have to bring their voice, and remember the technical aspects of prose. Unfortunately, I have been so sucked into other people's fanfic worlds that my mind is a bit of a blank. I don't even know what fandom I should start with. I can't say that I have any stories to tell right now.

That's how long I've let this go. It's like my thirst to write fell asleep and only peeks its eye open every so often.

So. Any suggestions?


Locke & Key

If you are a comic book fan and you aren't reading Locke & Key, what the heck is wrong with you? Go! Now!

I only get the trades, since floppies just don't work for me anymore, but every single book ends on a cliffhanger that makes me shout "NOOOOOOOO!" where ever I am when I read it. I hunger for the next one. It really is that good.

Jul. 14th, 2010

  • 19:12 @creature57 neat map. :) #
  • 19:15 @Yuricon ha! Nic and I were wondering if you would get wrangled into that! #
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Jul. 12th, 2010

  • 09:56 I am actually tempted by the Dean Martin Roast collection. That was some classic comedy. #
  • 10:00 @Veronica hit the DENY button and leave the response empty. If they don't take the hint then tell them bluntly why. #
  • 10:01 There is nothing on tv today, isn't there? #
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Jul. 11th, 2010

  • 18:34 I need to find some Albany people to go out with on the weekends. 9:30 and very bored. Probably a good time to write. #
  • 22:39 OMG! Rhonda Shear, who I recall hosted the T&A movie nights on USA during my teen years, is on some infomercial selling her miracle bra. #
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